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  • Allegra Saggese

Our Viognier shines again at the Orange County Fair Commercial Wine Competition

June 8, 2019 - Vineyard Grant James receives four silver medals for reds and whites at local wine competition. This year's results are in for the Orange County Fair Commercial Wine Competition and our 2018 Viognier Estate Reserve placed silver, it's third award this year, and was noted for its distinct taste and flavor. Additionally, our 2018 Zinfandel, Marsanne, and Merlot also placed Silver. With a strong team of winemakers we are proud for our continual support of our estate reserves in local and international competitions.

OC Wine Society recognizes Vineyard Grant James

Our 2017 Viognier won at the Toast of the Coast Festival and was noted for its delicate and fruitful flavor of apple and honeysuckle. Given our winemaker's focus on the subtleness of white wine and delicate balance between sweetness and smoothness, we are proud to continue to improve upon a distinctive wine. Grant James deserves recognition for his work this year as a new winemaker and we are hoping to see more of the wines made under his supervision continue to flow.

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