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A Wine Family's Blessing

How do most families react when they hear that their daughter is engaged to be married? Do the mother's ooh and ahh and start planning color schemes? Do the father's tear up when they picture walking their baby girl down the aisle? Well, as a winemaker's daughter, the family shows you have their blessing a tad differently.

I knew mom and Nana were truly on board when they sent me a picture of a huge steel tank after harvest with the note: "It's yours!" What do you mean mine? The gigantic tank of wine? It's your wedding wine! Set to be ready by the big day next August. My sweet mother and Nana had made me my whole own tank of rosé for the celebration. They told me I get to design the label and name it after Bryant and I. I'm thinking I'll call it "Kiss Me Cate Rosé" and have a bottle on all the tables for us to toast.

And then there was dad. He knew my vision. I wanted a wedding venue lined with trees and lofty greenery to set the tone for the big night. But what with mom focusing her attention on getting 9 acres of grapes put in, my woodland day dreams had not quite made the top of the priority list. So I knew dad was on board when he went out and bought a backhoe for his tractor and started digging holes lining the winery to plant my Wedding Trees.

With my stepdad, the story was a little different. See initially, I wasn't too keen on the idea of getting married on my parent's winery. Yes, it's a beautiful venue that my parents have poured their heart, soul, and entire life savings into. But what girl really wants to get married in her backyard? Growing up I'd had dreams of a wedding ceremony next to a big lake with dreamy white swans. Well Jacques, being the thoughtful comedian that he is, assured me that he was going to buy me chickens, which are basically the same. He insisted that he would dig a big hole in the backyard, fill it with water, and dump my white spray painted chickens in. Wa-lah, Swans! No one would be able to tell the difference.

A big shoutout to my family for loving and supporting me always, and expressing their love in the most charming ways. Stay tuned for more updates as we prepare Vineyard Grant James for my wedding in August, 2018!

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