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Spring Blooms and Puppy Mishaps: A Fresh Start in Our Garden!

Hey there, fellow garden enthusiasts! You see, last year, our mischievous pup Suerte decided to embark on her own culinary adventure right in the heart of our garden. Yes, you guessed it! She indulged in some rather unconventional snacks, devouring our prized produce from the previous season. Let's just say our garden bore the brunt of her escapades, leaving us with little more than memories of what once was.

But fear not, for this year is a fresh start—a blank canvas for nature's artistry to unfold once more. And oh, how joyous it is to witness our garden bursting with life anew! From delicate blooms to vibrant greens, every corner seems to whisper promises of a bountiful season ahead.

In celebration of this rejuvenation, Susanne, has whipped up a delightful recipe using the freshest ingredients straight from our garden. So without further ado, let me present to you one of Susanne's newest creations, a dish that encapsulates the essence of spring in every bite:

Note from Susanne:

In honor of the herb garden that just got replanted because Suerte ate the old one :-). I have made a recipes from the local UT food section that feature herbs and lemons.

The first pictures are of the Persian Lentil Rice with Dates. I am a big fan of Melissa Clark and I try to cook as many of her recipes as I can. The Hatfield glass appears because I was tank testing the new Sauvignon Blanc that is going to get bottled on Thursday, May 16. I keep the Hatfield glass in the lab because it is a wonderful momento of Elaine and Norm and all the time we spent together when we were first opening up our wineries.

So here's to springtime surprises, garden adventures, and the ever-present antics of our beloved Suerte. Stay tuned for more updates from our little patch of paradise, where every day brings a new tale to tell and a new flavor to savor. Until next time, happy gardening, everyone! 🌱🌸

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