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A pet, a pool, and a baby.

I need to begin this story for you by laying out my three greatest desires as a child. It was Christmas Eve of 1998 and my five year old self had only three present requests in my letter to Santa: a pet, a pool, and a baby sibling. At the time, I believed Santa was more likely to grant your Christmas wishes if you had more letters for him.

So I stepped into my role as Older Sister and got my baby brother to ask Santa for the same three things. This was quite the undertaking considering that my brother was 3 years old at this point and required hand over hand assistance to request these particular items. Even though I was so thorough in my North Pole letter writing brigade, Santa still failed to bring me those three perfect gifts that Christmas. Well, fast forward to November of 2008 when my parents put an offer down for the property in Ramona. As a brand new high school freshman, you can imagine the push back my mother received when she informed me that I was going to need to transfer schools in the middle of my first year of high school.

From my trendy charter school in Point Loma to small town Ramona High where everyone has known each other since kindergarten. I finally agreed to make the move under three conditions: a pet, a pool, and a baby. Mom still couldn't pull through on the baby sibling, but she did promise a pet and a pool if we made the move to the mountains. 6 months later and we realized a pool was a bigger project than we had originally anticipated. But... Welcome to the family our sweet doggies from the shelter: Gustavo and Walker. We now affectionately refer to them as Bad Dog #1 and Bad Dog #2. Bad Dogs can be sighted on the tasting patios on the weekends, so feel free to stop by and introduce your own doggies at our Pet Loving winery!

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