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A little bit of luck

We never run out of luck here at Vineyard Grant James. It could be because we have such an amazing team from our customer relations to our winemaker that we don't need to rely on anything but a bit of hard work and passion for the job. Needless to say we do enjoy a day off  celebrating with our amazing guests and friends. And St. Patrick's Day this year brought a bit of fun to our patio with folks ready for the occasion. 

This St. Patrick's Day fell on a Sunday and the winery was bustling during the early spring season. Folks were excited to come out and celebrate, albeit, nontraditionally for a holiday that is usually celebrated with a pint of Guinness. But crisp chardonnay and award-winning rose isn't a bad compromise! Also this early in the season we were able to show some folks around the vines, spotting a few bud breaks, providing a bit more reason to celebrate. 

By the end of the day, we felt lucky to have guests who enjoy a good laugh and a good glass of wine as much as we do. While we spend the year tending our vines and ensuring our wines are perfectly aged, celebrating a bit of new growth comes as a lovely reminder of the reason we do this. New friends, new projects, and new memories! We can all raise a glass (pint, wine -any kind, really) to that.

 Happy St. Patrick's Day from your team at Vineyard Grant James! 

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