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Cheeses from the Cave


Cheeses from the Cave

Notes from the Cheesemaker

Welcome to 2019! Wow, how did that happen? Late winter is a great time of the year for cheese. Our cool nights cry for deep red wines and rich melted cheese and of course local products are always so much more fun. And there’s a nice selection of favorites for the month to get you through the winter’s chill.


I’ve made both a Gruyere style cheese and a Swiss, two of my favorites for a cold evening as they have the depth and richness to stand up to the bolder reds and richer flavors that the cold weather inspires. Also, worth mentioning is my latest Gouda release. This one is so creamy and mild, I count it among one of the better versions I’ve ever made. Stop by and check them out, and take a wedge home.


- Kim Spero

 Kim always has a large variety of cheeses available during her showcases.

Join her on Sunday, February 17, 2019.

Stay tuned for future menus!

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