25260 East Old Julian Highway

 Ramona, CA 92065


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Open Hours

Thursday - Monday


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About Us

Susanne Sapier

Owner & Winemaker

Susanne has always had a passion for good wine and great fun. In late 2008 she decided to buy a piece of property in Ramona, Ca and start a vineyard. Just 3 weeks later, in early 2009, they planted their first vine on the property. While waiting for the new vines to produce good grapes, Susanne started wine-making right away. In 2011, she started using her estate grapes to make her wine. In 2013 she opened the Vineyard Grant James tasting room to the public and to this day, she loves to see people enjoying her wine and the atmosphere of a boutique winery in the Ramona valley. The winery is named after Susanne's son Grant, and her father James. Susanne very much enjoys crafting wine and experimenting with blends.

Favorite Vineyard Grant James Wine: Aquarius, Favorite Grape: Nebbiolo

Allie Rae Campbell

San Diego Marketing Director

Allie, a native of Ramona, has a passion for the way wine connects people in all walks of life. In 2016, she became a part of the Grant James family and is now a part of our San Diego Marketing Team. She has a Certificate in Wine Business Management from Sonoma State, and is working on obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Business & Marketing. Allie is also a part of the RVVA Marketing Committee and was the 1st Annual Ramona Grape Stomp Princess. When she is not at the winery, you can find her at a near by country line-dancing bar, playing volleyball, or hanging out with her husband and two kitties. 

Favorite Vineyard Grant James Wine: Super Tuscan, Favorite Grape: Viognier, Syrah

Barbara Blankenbaker

Tasting Room Manager & Wine Club Director

Barbara's love for wine equals her love for serving our customers whom quickly become her friends. She is excited every day that she steps foot on the patio and uncork a bottle or two of our uniquely crafted wines! Barbara's enthusiasm is contagious and has been a great asset to the Vineyard Grant James family since 2013. Fun Fact: She worked in the music business for 26 years and has seen everyone from Nirvana to Zac Brown when they could only draw 30 people! She's also been a substitute teacher for 14+ years in Ramona.

Favorite Vineyard Grant James Wines: Aquarius and Marsanne 

Grant James Choy

Operations Manager

The "Grant James" of the vineyard is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the winery facilities and overseeing inventory and sales. He has improved the efficiency and quality of the process of getting wine from the vine into your glass. A recent graduate of economics and physics, he's applying his skills on the family farm to help make the wine customers enjoy so much. You can catch Grant in the wine room helping perfect the flavor and body of our wines or behind the computer checking inventory and stocks. In his spare time, he is a Lizard Dad for the winery's favorite bearded dragon, Acini. 

Favorite Vineyard Grant James Wine: Zinfandel

Nicole Warady

Vineyard and Winery Consultant

Nicole is a critical part of the staff here at Vineyard Grant James. With a background in wine labs and trained at Napa Valley College in Viticulture, she provides expert advice on the quality of our wines at all stages in production. She runs critical tests in the wine cellar and advises on vineyard management to ensure the grapes are of the highest quality. Nicole is an excellent member of our team. 

Favorite Vineyard Grant James Wine: Malbec

Angela Stemen

Cellar Staff and Vineyard Crew

Angela is art of the vineyard and cellar staff. Her love of wine drives her hard work to help keep the vines growing well and aiding in the efficient wine making process here at Vineyard Grant James. She is also an dedicated wildlife lover and conservationists, making any excuse to be outdoors a good one. And here at the vineyard, there are a lot of them. 

Favorite Vineyard Grant James Wine: Syrah, Favorite Grape: Tempranillo

Cassidy Blankenbaker

Sales Associate

Cassidy is a great member of the Vineyard Grant James team, taking part in a little bit of sales from the tasting patio to behind the scenes management of our online sales system. Cassidy is a Ramona local and recent graduate of The University of Oklahoma with a degree is Criminal Justice. She has plans to purse a degree in Nursing in the Fall.  We appreciate her fun attitude and amazing customer service. 

Favorite Vineyard Grant James Wine: Viognier and Super Tuscan

Allegra Saggese

Compliance Consultant and Web Design 

Allegra is one of our newest members of the team, helping the winery in its compliance and regulatory issues as well as promoting the brand on LinkedIn and online via the website. She takes an active approach to managing the site and ensuring our customers get the up to date information they deserve on our awards, new wines, and open hours. She is also passionate about sustainable land and water consumption in California, having studied environmental economics. She can usually be find helping our Operations team or also hanging out with our vineyard's lizard. 

Favorite Vineyard Grant James Wine: Super Tuscan

Favorite Vineyard Grant James Wine: The freshest grapes off the vine 

Walker "Bad Dog" 

Winery Dog and Pest Management

While normally the hard stuff is left to our more experienced staff, hospitality and friendliness is something Walker is not short of. He enjoys greeting customers curbside, although we would not trust him with our keys. When the tasting patio is not open, Walker can usually be found chasing the winery cats up into their hammocks or sniffing out gopher and rabbit holes deep in between the vines. He also enjoys big stretches and laying on the gravel. In his younger years, he was a more eager pest manager, but now he enjoys evening walks and awaiting for scraps of picnic leftovers on the patio.