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Chocolate & Wine: The Perfect Match

Happy Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day & National Chocolate Day from Vineyard Grant James! Susanne has some thoughts on the stars of this month: Chocolate & Wine.

Chocolate and wine both excite the senses and perpetuate desire, traits that have led people for centuries into believing they are aphrodisiacs. In addition, red wine and dark chocolate are both known for their health benefits, making them natural partners.

The perfect match!

Here are just a few of the things that chocolate and wine have in common:

  • They are both natural aphrodisiacs

  • The experience of chocolate & wine tastings both draw out the sensual complexities of their flavors

  • They both carry weight and psychologically signify awaiting pleasure

  • The clinking of a wine glass and the snap of a chocolate bar both excite attention & increase anticipation

  • Both must be consumed slowly to be fully enjoyed, further cementing a satisfying sensory experience

Regardless of how you prefer to pair them and bring them together, chocolate and wine have come together like fated lovers across the centuries and around the world.

So are they a bit cliché?... Undoubtedly.

If your red wine is an elegant merlot with a highish level of well-integrated alcohol, has tannins that are velvety and smooth, is full of dark fruity flavors and chocolate aromas and your chocolate has around 65% cacao content then you might just hit pairings heaven.

It is easy to see how chocolate and wine have earned their reputation as the epitome of love, indulgence, and delicacy.

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