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The "Grant James" Nomenclature

Friends helping put in the vineyard - 2008

It was December of 2012 when the Choy-Sapier family (Mom, Jacques, Grant and I) decided to trade in our San Diego zip codes and easy freeway access in exchange for the small rural town of Ramona, California. We packed up and moved to a 9 acre piece of land, home to a large patch of dirt and perhaps one too many howling coyotes. Mom set the kiddos to work, and by that winter our new vineyard was beginning to grow its first 1000 grape vines. Through all the dark early hours of planting grapes to beat the Ramona heat, Mom kept our spirits up with talk of delicious home-made wine, a beautiful winery in the future. Customers to come visit us, a cute Bed and Breakfast, an opportunity to host enchanting rustic weddings. She painted for us an alluring picture of a small family brimming with opportunity; a chance to create something grand from the ground up. With all of this comes the big question...but what to call our delightful family winery? A name to stand among the greats. One that will pay tribute to those who have already invested in its leaves, its tasting patio, and the guests it will one day bring. But it must also be classy, to flow off the tongue smoother than our flagship red wine. The final decision you ask? Vineyard Grant James. Grant: for all of the work my brother put into building the tasting patio, operating the tractor, leveling the fields. James: for my grandpa, who spent every day here for years. Driving up from Rancho Bernardo at the first sparkle of daylight to build our winery into the enamoring structure you see it as today. Vineyard Grant James- a tribute. But wait, what about the second child, Miss Caitlin, you ask? The one who worked those early hours alongside her brother Grant? Well, mom says I can have the Bed and Breakfast if that ever comes to fruition. The current frontrunners: Kiss Me Cate Café, Cutie Catie’s, The Caitlin James. Feel free to stop by Vineyard Grant James to give us your suggestions!

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